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80W 18V Portable Folding Solar Panel Charger for Travel Hiking Outdoor Solar Charger for Laptop Phon
Product name: 80W Folding solar charger
Open size: 114*30cm
Folding size: 43*30cm
ECEEN Traveller 7W Foldable Solar Panel Portable Solar Charger for iPhone, iPod, Samsung Galaxy Series Phones and Other Android Phones,Windows phones, Bluetooth Speakers, and Many Other 5V USB-Charged Devices
Foldable solar panel: with USB output
Material of bag: 900D Polyester
Power Watts: Sunpower 6.5W, 6V
Sunpower foldable solar panel for charging big system battery charging 120W folding solar panel
Product N0: 20W folding solar panel
Max. Power: 120watts
size(folding): 400*300mm
ECEEN Highest Efficiency 19.5W Foldable Solar Panel Dual-Port Portable Solar Charger for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Series Phones, Android Phone and Tablet, GPS Units, MP3, MP4, MP5, Bluetooth Speaker, Gopro Camera, PDA and other 5V USB-Charged Devices
Solar Panel: 19.5W
Solar Cell Efficiency: 22%
Product Dimensions: 13.7 x 7.4 x 1.5 inches
Portable solar charger 40W 60W 80W,100W 120W ,130W folding solar panel
Product N0: 130W folding solar panel
Open size: 157*54cm
Folding size: 32*54cm
Sunpower Monocrystalline Silicon Material and 43*30cm(folding) Size 18V 60W solar panel
Product name: 60W Folding solar charger
Bag material: Polyester 600D
Open size: 86*30cm
40W Foldable Sunpower Solar Panel Charger For Car Battery Charging
Product name: 40W Folding solar charger
Bag material: Polyester 600D
Bag color: Camouflage color or OEM color
ECEEN External Frame Hiking Backpack 68L with 20 Watts Solar Charger Panel Waterproof Nylon Daypack Lightweight for Outdoor Camping Mountaineering Bag Travel Rucksack Trekking for Women & Men
Capacity: 68L
Material: Water-resistant Nylon &Poly
Power Supply: 20Watts solar charger
40W Umbrella type fashionable solar laptop charger bag ECE-40W
Solar panel: 40W
Output: 18V*2222mA
solar cell: Monocrystalline solar cell, High efficiency: >17%
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